Kids & Company Preschool

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  Over the next few weeks we will be having visitors in our room.  These are Families who want to visit the preschool just like a lot of you did last year.  Your children are still are top priority during these times.  We try to make the disruptions as uneventful as possible.  Our next few weeks we will be working  on Valentine’s Day projects and talking about snow and groundhogs..

 Week Nineteen  January 11-14


Stories:  Snowball Fight  and Snowballs

Concepts:  Letter : P 

Discovery Center:  Elephant Sort and Castle

Gross Motor:  Snowball Fight

Show and Tell: Something White

(Wednesday or Thursday)

Week Twenty  January 18-21

Monday January 18 Preschool not in session in observance of Martin Luther King Jr’s Day


Stories:  The  Hat  and The  Mitten

Concepts:  Letter : Q  Color  Assessment

Discovery Center:  Magnifying glasses and Sensory Box

Gross Motor:  Spin Again and maybe upstairs in the chapel play

Show and Tell:  Childs Choice  (Wednesday or Thursday)


Week Twenty-one  January 25-28


Stories: Penguins and Penguins Big Surprise

Concepts:  Letter : R  Shapes

Discovery Center:  Pet Vet and Rice Table

Gross Motor: Parade and Music

Show and Tell: Something Black(Wednesday or Thursday)

 Week Twenty-tw0  February 1-4


Stories: Groundhog Sees His Shadow and Guess How Much I Love You

Concepts:  Letter : S  Printing Names

Discovery Center: Memory Match and Pegs

Gross Motor: Parade and Music

Show and Tell:  Something Brown (Wednesday or Thursday)

Week Twenty-three February 8-11

“Valentine’s Day”

                                                    Stories: Emily’s Valentine Party & The Night  Before Valentine’s Day

                                                                                         Concepts:  Letter :T

                                                                                        Discovery Center:  Light Table

                                                                                       Gross Motor: Parachute and Music

                                                                                     No Show and tell because of Parties!!!!!

Valentines Day Parties are Wednesday and Thursday February 10 and 11.  Please do not put names on valentine envelopes.  Because the children can’t read names this gives them the opportunity to put them in every ones box